Sunday, August 7, 2016



Off-the shoulder top: Shein | Jeans: Zara | Sandals: Avarcas Menorquinas (Similar here) | Lipstick: MAC Chili

Happy Sunday guys!! How's your weekend going?  Today the post is to show you one of my favourite off-the shoulders tops.  We are loving this off-the shoulders trend and if we could, we would wear everything off-the shoulders every day!    (Notice how many times I put the off-the shoulders word haha)
This is time I combined the top from Shein (get it here) with jeans and my avarcas (which I purchased during my trip to Mallorca) and I have to say that these are probably the most comfortable sandals ever! 
   The fabric of the top is very light  and  the flower lace design makes the top more romantic as well.      I love this look because even though is very simple, the off-the shoulder top makes the look unique and a bit sexy.  I also decided not to wear a lot of accessories and again keeping the makeup minimal.  Also, after looking at the pictures, we had an idea for next time we wear an off-the shoulders top  (which I would probably show you in the posts coming up) and it was to either add a choker or a bandana on my neck to make the look more colourful, so now you know what to expect in the next posts... 

Hope you like it and enjoy the rest of your weekend!
See ya soon!



Feliz Domingo!!  Hoy el post es para mostrarles uno de mis tops off-the shoulder favoritos.  Nos fascina el trend off-the shoulders, y si pudiéramos, usaríamos todo off-the shoulders todos los días!  (Link aquí) Esta vez combinamos el top blanco con jeans simples y mis avarcas (que las compre durante mi último viaje a Mallorca).  Estas sandalias son típicas de esa zona y la verdad es que son extremadamente cómodas y las uso todo el tiempo. 

Me encanta este look, aunque es súper simple, el diseño romántico del top off-the shoulders  hace que el look sea único y sexy.  Para complementar el look decidimos otra vez no utilizar muchos accesorios y maquillaje natural para que el enfoque principal sea el top.  Después de ver las fotos, tuvimos la idea que para la próxima vez que use un polo off-the shoulders seria  también bueno agregar ya sea un choker o una bandana para darle un poco más de color -pero ya será para el próximo look

Espero que les haya gustado y disfruten el fin de semana.
Nos vemos!


Photography: Daniel Bodistean | Styling:  Karin Jurgens

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