Thursday, August 3, 2017


Hello guys and Hello August!  Can't believe that the time is flying by and we are in August already. Where did the time go?  
 As you probably noticed, my blog has gone a bit quiet in the past couple of months, and it is mainly because I was planning my wedding which happened in July, and I got a little bit distracted with all the planning and execution of the wedding.    My husband and I, decided not to hire a wedding planner, so as you can only imagine, it was very difficult for us to plan everything! We are lucky that our families were able to help us and we think that at the end, our wedding turned out perfect! 

Now that all my wedding planning is over, I will start developing new ideas for the blog!  Lately I have been into photography and editing, so I'm also going to start adding some of the pictures that I've taken lately, and how I edited them.   I'm very excited about the next couple of months coming up, I have a couple of great ideas for the blog, which I'm hoping you will like. 

I will also be posting pictures of my wedding!  Once I get the pictures from the photographer of course!!   I'm so excited!  For now, I have put a couple in my Instagram account, if you want to check it out... I usually post in Instagram more that I'm posting here, so make sure you are following me there too! 

Have a lovely day and I will be back soon with more posts!


Photography: Karin Jurgens   |  Mallorca, Spain