Karin Jurgens

Initially I had my mind set to be in politics but then discovered that Marketing and Social Media are my true passions.  I love fashion, photography,  design, travelling, learning new languages, music and, of course, Peru and Latin America.  Destiny brought me far away from my hometown and I am currently living in Toronto.  I am not sure about where life will take me next, but enjoying every part of it right now!

Marlitt Jurgens

Passionate studyholic with a diverse background in international business, marketing, graphic, web, and interior design.  I am currently in New Brunswick working full-time,  and trying to start from scratch!  Music is my fuel, I am passionate about languages, photography, fashion, gastronomy, travelling, and raving whenever there's a chance.  I promised my sister that we will start a blog if life ever brought us back together and here I am keeping that promise! 


  1. Ok, I see two beautiful young ladies who are set to rise up and conquer the world. Good luck to both of you. By the way, it looks pretty cold up there, so if you want to start a fashion blog for Australia come on down for a visit. It is a bit warmer here.

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